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I am more than satisfied with the TE script :)

Kornel, 8. Jun, 2018
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Price list

Looking for a FREE version of TE3? Navigate to the download menu and follow the instructions. Both versions (free and paid) are equal, except that free version takes 1.66% clicks as a "payment". Start using free version on your sites today. You can convert them into paid versions with a single click from the admin interface at any time in the future.

Other services

  • Server moves:
    Server moves, new installations and upgrades are simple tasks. Using our installer and instructions you can handle it all by yourself (preferred) totally for FREE even if you are not an expert. If you want us to handle it for you, it will cost you $35.

  • Domain moves:
    TE (paid version) is licenced per a domain name. However, it is possible to request a domain move. Moving TE licence (paid version) from one domain to another (both must be owned by the same user) costs $49, unless the domain name where licence was originally installed on has expired. In that case it is free of charge.

  • Ownership transfers:
    Selling TE licence to another person costs $85 per licence. Selling a whole account to another person to avoid ownership transfer fees is NOT PERMITTED. We are closely monitoring accounts activity. If you buy licences against these terms, keep in mind that they will be cancelled. Contact us before buying 3rd party licences, so we can check if the respective seller owns sellable or non sellable licences. Licences bought with discounted prices are non sellable. Difference between discounted price and normal selling price must be paid in order to convert such licences into sellable type.

How to order?

For license order please contact us!
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