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I am more than satisfied with the TE script :)

Kornel, 8. Jun, 2018
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Beta testers for TE3 to support PHP v8 and above
28. March, 2023

Beta testers for TE3 packages to support PHP v8 needed, please contact me on ICQ: 374821862

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Why Trade Expert 3.2 ?

TE3 is the fastest growing traffic trading script on the market today and there is a good reason for that. We've created a living and thinking monster that leaves the competition far behind. TE3 was designed to handle massive amount of traffic using minimum server resources. It is amazing from the inside and outside alike.

TE3 is FREE, download it today!

We have free and paid version of TE3 available. Both versions are equal, except that free version takes 1.66% clicks as a "payment". Start using free version on your sites today. You can convert them into paid versions with a single click from the admin interface at any time in the future.

Installation is simple and it takes just 2 minutes of your time
TE3 comes with a simple WEB installer, which makes it easy for anyone to install it by using only FTP access and a web browser. To perform an upgrade, all you have to do is click on the "upgrade" button inside admin interface.
State of the art, realtime trade engine makes it the most accurate trade script on the market
Our realtime traffic trading engine is the extremely robust, stable, efficient, transparent and accurate. It has been well tested on a hundreds of high traffic sites with amazing results.
Realtime traffic trading engine and statistics
Majority of traffic trade scripts don't have a realtime trading engine, which means you have to wait 1 or 2 minutes for admin stats to refresh. With TE3 you can analyse statistics in realtime and it also trades traffic in realtime!
Get more work done faster with our modern, intuitive and user friendly admin interface
We are really proud of our admin interface. It is easy on the eyes, very intuitive and user friendly. With the new TE3 admin interface you can work faster and more efficiently. It has been optimized for speed.
Create a huge network of sites and easily manage them all from one place
Efficiently manage all your sites from one admin interface. View stats for all your sites on a single page, switch between them, export trades, edit or delete trades, sync blacklist, search engine list, interfaces, new trade defaults and more.

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Are you satisfied with your hosting? We are.

Swiftwill hosting
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About us and our mission

Swiftwill hosting
We have over 10 years of experience in traffic trading and programming. The result is TE3, the most advanced, yet simple to use traffic trading script on the market. We are adding new features and improving existing modules continuously. Actually, while you're reading this text, we are already preparing the next major update for TE3. We are counting on your feedback to further improve this amazing trade script.

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