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I am more than satisfied with the TE script :)

Kornel, 8. Jun, 2018
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Customer testimonials

I am more than satisfied with the TE script :)
Kornel, 8. June, 2018
i want to thank you for this soooo nice script! TradeExpert is the best on the Planet!
liquid, 4. February, 2015
Thanks. I LOVE the script. Hope lots of other people see it and use it.
Z**, 5. May, 2013
Awesome, you guys made an amazing script. I think you guys will get the whole market.
R**l*aw, 19. February, 2013
btw, thanks a lot for your support - i really appreciate it. You have the best support that I have ever seen and i've seen a lot of... :-)
V***or, 2. December, 2012
I love TE3. migrating all my sites from T**** P**** to TE3 now
H**cy, 11. August, 2012
i have used A** since it was first released it wayyy back and had 50+ licences. I sold my sites and now i am gonna switch to your script for the network, you guys did an amazing job!
E****ra, 10. July, 2012
...also, my servers are now running smoothly, PHP memory leaks are much lower running TE3 and it's great! T**** ***** was leaking like a rusted old ship ....
Wizard, 3. July, 2012
Amazing piece of software
Kla**, 29. May, 2012
By the way, it seems to me that this is a very good script. I'm now migrating from ***** ***** here.
Anonymous, 3. April, 2012
Awesome job on the script btw. Im a programmer as well, and I can see the amount of work you guys put into this. Awesome job.
Fish, 3. April, 2012
I have a ton of customers who use your product, this is the first issue I've had in 5 years. Cheers to you guys for creating quality among the loads and loads of absolute crap scripts out there.
Rich, 3. April, 2012
Just stopped by to say, I upgraded all of my betas to TE3 and I'm luvin' the new nav header! Nice, tight and streamlined (damn, an awful lot of ways that line could be Nice job. And yes, my traffic HAS grown since I've upgraded.
Dred, 3. April, 2012
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