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16. October, 2013

  • Heavy optimization: in.php & out.php modules have been heavily optimized. They consume up to 40% less resources now.
  • Index pages & redirections: You can now add as many pages and redirections as you like. You simply have to checkbox "exclude from stats" option, which means such page doesn't consume any resources. This is ideal for category redirections.
  • Seller inside skim pattern: You can now add Seller directly into the skim pattern (e.g. 100,75,,65) which allows you to sell every Xth click.
  • Delete from network: When you delete trades, you can now select network delete option to delete selected trades on other sites in your network as well.
  • u= parameter improved: u= parameter in the outgoing link can now handle both, unencoded URLs and base64 encoded URLs.
  • Reset & delete inside edit window: Reset and delete options have been added into the edit trade window. If you click on the delete button, you can now also select blacklist and trash options.
  • Optimized GEO IP updating: Update system for GEO IP database has been optimized. It is now faster and more reliable, specially if you're running multiple sites on a single server.
  • Force status added: Status for Force per hour has been added into the edit trade window. At the end of the "per hour" line, you can see in the brackets something like this [x / y], where x represents number of hits sent so in the current hour and y represents number of hits that should be ideally sent by this minute of the hour.
  • Additional details added to the edit trade window: Trade info section has been added into the edit trade window. There you can find info such as: Alexa rank ,Google rank, Last reset time, name servers, sign-up method (admin or sign-up page). If trade has been added through the admin, webmaster IP is display as well.
  • Blacklist warning: Add trade window will now warn you if trade you're trying to add is on your blacklist.
  • Capping markers: If you enable capping columns in the interface editor, active capping cell will be marked with yellow color, so you can easily spot all active cappings for all trades.

Bug fixes:
  • Thumb preview issue fixed: Thumb preview in edit trade window did not preview thumb properly on all servers.
  • Capped trades on the toplist: Capped (suspended) trades were listed on the toplist. Not anymore.
  • Deleting trades optimized: Deleting large amount of trades at once (e.g. 200 trades) took approx. 40 seconds to complete. We have optimized the delete module to fix this problem.

28. December, 2012

  • HUGE performance optimization: Optimizations inside admin interface. Referrer logs, country logs, cheat logs, user agents and last ref logs will now load much faster.
  • Overview menu optimized: Overview menu has been optimizied and it is now loading MUCH faster.
  • Outgoing redirections: This is a new module. It allows you to configure specialized outgoing redirections the way you want to. From now on you can specify for EACH individual system trade how it should be processed (handle like normal traffic, send 100% to content, send to specified URL).
  • Image loading optimized: We have optimized image loading all over the admin interface. There are less httpd requests now. All menus and pop-up load faster now.
  • Quick help: We've added a new quick help system for many menus and pop-ups.
  • Date range calendar: It as been further improved. If you change months or years, you don't have to extra click on the day below. Additionally cancel button has been added. If you click anywhere outside the calendar div, it will now close properly.
  • Timezone change refresh: By clicking on the "date/time" button in the header, you can change timezone. Header time will now instantly adjust when you click on the "save" button.
  • Interface manager simplified: You can now add/edit/delete interfaces right from the interface pulldown.
  • Edit interface improved: Each accordion now has a number of selected parameters displayed in the brackets. Mass checkbox can now visible even if accoridon is closed. "Save as" button has been added and it becomes active only if you rename an existing interface!
  • Quick info in menu drop downs: We have added number of records into the brackets for specific modules directly into the drop down menus (settings, tools, user...).
  • Pop up resizing: Pop-up size is now always optimal and it is dynamically calculated based on the content that's being displayed.
  • Network menu / 2 new graphs: Monthly and yearly graphs have been added.
  • History menu / 1 new graph: Yearly graph has been added.
  • Inactive interface buttons: We've introduced non-clickable inactive interface buttons with ligher colors. Buttons become inactive when you checkbox at least one record in the respective table.
  • Reorganized menus: Tools and settings dropdowns have been reorganized.
  • Reorganized IP block list: It has been simplified and it should be now easier to understand.
  • Active checkbox text: If you click on the text positioned on the right side of the checkbox, it will check/uncheck the respective checkbox. Before we have modified this handler, the only option was to click directly on the checkbox.
  • Toplist / Generate date: We've added a column called "generate date", where you can see date and time when each toplist was last generated.
  • Alexa and Google PR: Navigate to the "overview" menu and hold mouse over any domain name. Info pop-up will appear. Among other things, we have displayed "Alexa rank" and "Google Pagerank".
  • Download thumbs for individual trade: We've added a feature which allows you to download thumbs for individual trade. Navigate to the "overview" menu, "edit" individual trade, expand "advanced" accordion and can click on the "download" icon.

Bug fixes:
  • Chrome bug fixed: Update / Tools / Settings dropdowns were not visible after Google updated their Chrome browser. We've fixed that and it works as expected now.
  • Tens of small bugs fixed: We've fixed a lot of small interface bugs

24. May, 2012

  • Index pages and redirections: You can now display multiple index pages, "include" or "redirect" to different pages. Filter redirections based on IP, country, trade (referrer), category, mobile and more.
  • Smart popup resizing system: We've implemented a system that dynamically calculates optimal size (width and height) of the popup windows, so the scrollers (specially horizontal scroller) don't need to appear unless it is really necessary. You can see dynamic pop-ups in action in the total summary row (2nd row in the header - the gray one) on the links such as "Hourly", "History" ,"Cheat", "Country", "Links", "Referrers" and so on.
  • Smart expand/collapse system: Inside pop-ups such as "Edit trade" window, there are different sections (accordions). By default some sections are opened (basic, advanced, forces) and others are closed (exclude trade, niches, toplist images, toplist descriptions and so on). From now on your browser (cookies) will remember which sections you opend/closed the last time and it will keep them opened / closed for you the next time you open the same popup. We find it quite handy. This system has been implemented into several different pop-up windows such as: Edit trade, new trade, edit system trade, edit seller, edit buyer, mass edit, export trade, customize interface. Storing expand/collapse data for each pop-up is independent.
  • Improved "user / allowed IPs" module: You can now add a comment next to any IP you add to the allowed list, e.g. # this is my server IP. It now also checks for duplicated allowed IPs and it alters you.
  • Forces changed from pulldown to radio: For a better overview of the force type (free or force), we've changed it from a pulldown to a radio button. It also comes now in two colors, so you can immediately see which force you have set in the "forces" columns (red => force, blue => free).
  • Focus on the "add trade" window: When you click on the "add trade" button, popup opens and it now automatically sets focus on the "Return URL" field, so you can start typing (pasting) it in immediately.
  • Maximize on popups: Double click on the popup header now properly maximizes window.
  • Password confirmation: When changing password in the "user / manage user" menu, you have to confirm the old password first as an additionally security measure
  • History / Detailed customize: You can now sort "history stats" and "detailed stats" columns by dragging rows in the customize popup.
  • Detailed stats and customize: Detailed stats page now gets reloaded in the background when you save changes in the customize popup.
  • Direct ICQ msg: If you hold mouse over the "domain name" in the overview menu, domain info box will show up. From there you can click on the ICQ / nickname to send an instant ICQ msg. If desired you can also enable ICQ column in the overview menu / customize interface window and you will be able to send ICQ msgs to your trade partners by clicking on the "Msg" in the ICQ column.
  • Direct e-mail: If you hold mouse over the "domain name" in the overview menu, domain info box will show up. From there you can click on the "e-mail" link to send an e-mail directly from TE3. If desired you can also enable e-mail column in the overview menu / customize interface window.
  • Time zone selection: You can select time zone by clicking on the "date / time" link on the right side of the header. It used to open as a small popup in the center of the screen. It now opens as a drop down in a windows style.
  • Improved tooltip system: Tooltips are now opening more properly even if they're in multiple lines and with different html styles etc.
  • Header hover: We've added hover on all sortable headers, so it is easier to spot them. If you would like to it, try to hold mouse over column headers in the overview menu.

Bug fixes:
  • Opera and IE9 cookies: Storing cookies for main overview table and in the edit window (expand/collapse) didn't work properly.
  • Cheat logs block time issue: If you wanted to add IPs from the cheat logs to the block list permanently (value: -1) it didn't work properly. Additional checks have been added for the "blocked time" parameter.
  • Deleting old interfaces: If you rename an existing interface, it now properly deletes the old template.
  • Preselected niches for new trade defaults / add trade / bulk add: It didn't select preselected niches properly. It does now.
  • Customize interface checkboxes: It didn't always mass select/deselect groups in the customize interface popup properly. Now it does.
  • Popup dragging: In some browsers you couldn't drag popup windows if you tried to drag them on the popup title. It works now.
  • Popup dragging cursor: Sometimes "move" cursor didn't change back to normal state after you stopped dragging the popup. It changes back properly now.
  • Mailing rules: We have fixed a row dragging bug.

5. April, 2012

  • Enhanced login page security: After 3 failed login attempts, you have to authorize yourself as a "human" using captcha. This prevents bots from trying hundreds and hundreds of login combinations
  • New date picker: Allows you to select start and end date in a single popup for faster selection with a better overview
  • Niches menu: When you click in the checkboxes in the "niches" menu, it automatically saves the changes and a "Saving..." message appears next to the affected checkbox
  • Niches / Manage niches menu: When you click on the "+ add row" link, it will now automatically scroll down to the bottom, so you will always see the newest row
  • Overview / Bottom panel / Send mail: We've added additional checkings for the form parameters
  • Overview / Bottom panel / Export to textarea: Additional form field validation added. "domain" parameter has been added. Textarea resizes with the popup now also in IE9+

3. April, 2012

  • Security We have introduced lock.php and unlock.php to lock php files
  • Secuirty File integrity checker improved
  • TE3 was optmized to work better on ipad

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