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TE 3.0 - Download page

TE3 installer for
PHP v4 >= PHP v5.4: install.tar.gz or
PHP v5.5 >= PHP v5.6: install.tar.gz or
PHP v7.0 : install.tar.gz or
PHP v7.1 : install.tar.gz or
PHP v7.2 >= PHP v7.4: install.tar.gz or

Server requirements

  • Unix, Linux, FreeBSD server
  • Ability to run PHP scripts
  • PHP extensions needed:
    • zlib
    • curl
    • GD with TrueType fonts
  • IONcube php loader
  • FTP access to upload and chmod installation files
On the client's side, all you will need is a modern web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, IE or Safari...

New installation

  1. If you haven't already, please register at to obtain username and password.

  2. Download the installation package from the download section above.

  3. For your TE3 installation you will have to create a new directory inside your public_html directory for the respective domain name. We advise you to choose a unique directory name (e.g. your_directory, anything, xxx, gallery…). chmod it to 755 (depending on your server configuration you may need to chmod it to 775 or 777).

  4. Extract the installation package you have downloaded and upload install.php into your public_html/your_directory/ directory in binary mode. Chmod install.php to 755.

  5. Point your browser to and follow the instructions.

  6. After the installation is completed, you must delete install.php (recommended), or chmod it to 0.

  7. It is extremely important to test if .htaccess protection is working properly

.htaccess protection test

your_directory/tedata directory contains user database, trades, history and other sensitive data. It has to be well protected. .htaccess file inside tedata directory prevents anyone to view or execute files inside tedata directory through their browsers.

You have to make sure .htaccess is working properly. Try to access tedata directory and some files inside it, through your browser. For example:

You should see 404 (Not Found) message. If you can view contents of the directory tedata or if you can view “tips.txt” normally, then .htaccess on your server is not working and you should consult your server administrator immediately!

Remember to replace “your_directory” from the examples with directory name you have chosen.

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